Ronnie Montrose Remembered is a feature event assembled by former Ronnie Montrose vocalist Keith St. John. The show features a host of A-Level musicians who have recorded and performed with Ronnie Montrose, as well as a multitude of artists that were inspired by his recorded works and concert performances.

The 2-hour and 45 minute documentary came together from hours of footage captured by Subliminal Films (formerly Aperture Live) during rehearsals and was crafted together with 2-camera footage of the live performance in Santa Ana, CA. This was from the inaugural assembly, the first performance of this moving showcase. It happened alongside the NAMM Convention in Anaheim, CA and has since been performed nationally.

There are hours of unseen footage from rehearsals with the talents noodling and jamming on their instruments, some who have never played together before or have been captured working together in rehearsals. This is a classic opportunity to see a rare moment in music history.

The Ronnie Montrose Remembered Documentary