When artists need content to draw eyes, a lot of time that has meant being at a show and producing something better than cell phone footage, or crafting something of a music video with a zero dollar budget. Here are some thing Subliminal created for artists to keep their fanbase engaged or to submit to someone for development of their projects.

Former VOICE (Greece) finalist and Los Angeles based rock singer Electra Barakos had been working with engineer Stevie Bensusen on a cover version of the Bishop Briggs hit song “The River.” When we talked, she was hoping to get a video together to be the first to YouTube with a cover version of this recent radio hit. Using the backdrop of the Japanese Garden in Burbank, and a familiar film location (as seen in the Italian Job, among others), we captured footage, edited in Noir and created a video for her rendition of the song.

Guitar hero Doug Rappoport was performing in North Hollywood between the NAMM show and moving to Oregon and in an effort to give him some visibility on the guitar websites that herald his skillset, we captured a single camera performance and tied in mentions of his gear providers, Knaggs Guitars and Friedman Amplifiers.

Former Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper guitarist Orianthi was the subject of a concert performance Subliminal captured and edited for the Live at the Canyon webivision series. In an effort to get exposure and fan engagement before the release of the concert video, we assembled a video with segments from the concert footage and some stock content to create something for her fan club to hype the forthcoming concert release.

Video shot for guitarist Greg Marra in support of his forthcoming CD release. Shot in a living room cove in his home with the fellow artists in his band. Originally the concept included other footage shot to tell the story of his “girlfriend having a bad day” and taking apart the bands equipment as they played, but budget didn’t allow for extend editing so the footage went unused. Too bad, it was a good concept.

This video was created from on-site captures at a rave featuring Questlove and Gaslamp Killer for the promotion company that hosts the events. It involved roaming the event and capturing quick shots and assembling content with music from the era.

Another capture assembled from in-studio footage with guitarist Greg Marra and Argentine guitarist Javi Vinas to promote the forthcoming release of the Greg Marra CD “Thrust.”

Social media footage assembled for online promotion of and a performance with guitar legend Paul Gilbert, guitarist (on bass) Greg Marra and drummer Mike Hansen. It was also featured in a series of online shred and rock related magazine websites.

A lyric video created with zero budget and a 15 second live clip of the band in a dark club. Former Sunset Strip frontman Leslie Sanders was making a return to the scene with a new album and a video to tease the release of a single. This was the outcome.

When the Los Angeles original band Made ‘n’ America was returning to the scene and launching a new band website through JoeDolanPR, a small budget was arranged to use the house cameras at the Whisky A Go-Go to capture some overhead footage along with Subliminal Films capturing video in front of the stage. Later assembled, this half hour feature video caught the band and exposed the brand to a host of new fans and created engagement that spurred an increase of sales in their digital downloads and hardcopy CD sales.