Some video captures are timely to breaking news and have to be captured to tell the story in the moment. this doesn’t always mean a camera is available, and editing is always the saving grace for moments when a cell phone is all you’ve got. At other times, it’s all about the capture – and sometimes, it’s both.

Here are some things that were created to support breaking news, or stories meant to support an event.

This video was an accidental grab when a moment was unexpected, and the results were astounding. I had brought a friend to attend the Jimmy Kimmel performance of Van Halen on Hollywood Blvd. He’s a big fan, so I agreed to hold up my phone and capture what I could as I wasn’t allowed to bring a real camera. After all, this is live television.

What I captured was in the news before midnight the night it happened, as I rushed home with this precious footage and quickly knit together the story as I saw it. I even beat Jimmy Kimmel to the news about it.

At the time I’m typing this, the video has brought more than 7 million plays on YouTube and was featured with a story I wrote in dozens and dozens of online magazines, websites and forums. Sometimes it’s right place, right time … with a little effort behind it.

The start of the NAMM Show, day one, is typically the “Breakfast of Champions.” this is a heavily industry related event and is commonly full capacity with an A-level artist taking the stage before speeches start. Within the hour of this stellar presentation from former Michael Jackson guitarist Jennifer Batten, this video was edited and online. It was immediately distributed globally to a long list of online magazine editors to celebrate the start of the 2018 convention throughout the music industry.

NAMM footage with Casio in their booth at NAMM 2018, used on their social network and some online equipment magazine columns. This is typical of the on the spot quick captures made throughout the NAMM experience.

This is a quick assembly of some of the footage captured for regional television news during the Woolsey Fires that ravaged the San Fernando Valley, among other areas.

This was a final assembly and edit of A-Level drummer Tal Bergman for a drum magazine online, captured to highlight the LA Drum Show and for use throughout Social Media.

A 30 second news spot to plug the National Parks Centennial Celebration.