Subliminal Films is the production company of filmmaker Joe Dolan in Los Angeles, CA. Formerly known as Aperture, Subliminal Films has a history in the live music and entertainment genre, with a strong focus on the elements of American Hard Rock and the era of the Sunset Strip style of music. Captures are edited to be raw and personable, as if the viewer was on site themselves. Most of the work capturing live music has been part of Joe Dolan‘s epic efforts to capture historically significant reference to the works of the artists he films. These include moments where artists perform together without a previous history of working with one another, or where artists perform one-offs and music that isn’t privy to their usual performances.

On the non-live side of Subliminal Films, Joe has worked with news media to bring attention to product manufacturers and the equipment they produce for the rock music market. This has included years of capturing up-close and hands on features to showcase what is new to the market, to support and mediate communications between manufacturers and the artists they serve.

Subliminal Films has also provided production for artists to make new content to keep their fans engaged and to build more visibility in their desired marketplace. From lyric videos to music videos, viral media and live captures to feed fan-clubs and YouTube pages, personal website pages and Social Media Accounts.

Working in the charity field, Joe has brought Subliminal Films to capture on-site activity that is used to further publicize the efforts of organizations that look to gather publicly supported benefit for causes related to health and awareness and the betterment of the lives of children and the disabled.

The one thing that separates Subliminal Films from other boutique production companies would be the budgets available for creating riveting media. Most projects have little to no budget, but have moments that are prized for documentation and work well with building engagement and attention within their respective marketplaces. Subliminal Films has gone above and beyond standard measures to ensure creative media elements are made to support the growth and financial support of forward moving projects.

In all, for the continued success of the American Hard Rock music market, Subliminal Films has, and continues to memorialize rare moments and to capture events that once they’re gone, they’re gone and you missed it. It’s an effort to bring fans from far away places to the front of the stage to be part of something they would otherwise potentially never had the chance to experience. It’s a lot of work to highlight what makes the passion of hard rock music so strong and to produce content that keeps people interested in supporting the continued growth of the genre.

American Hard Rock Music has always been a big part of my life. I value the gift of being part of that scene and I cherish the opportunity to share it with everyone else who feels the way I do about it, but just can’t be there.” ~ Joe Dolan, CEO of Subliminal Films.